What a World!

Unique Observations 
from Around the World

In Amsterdam, city parks distribute these "picnic blankets" for free. When you are done eating or hanging out in the park, leave your trash on the sheet and just tuck the top three corners into the bottom right hole and Voila! You now have put your picnic into a garbage bag, to deposit at the next bin. What a brilliant idea, Amsterdam!

Found Jay-Z's hair place in Nairobi, Kenya
Amuurican edition: touring the capital in DC
Subway in Bangkok

Bangkok: It's never been a secret what goes on in massage parlors here. 

Men's bikini waxing in Korea: now you can feel comfortable flashing everyone!

An advertisement for Chevrolet. In Hangeul (the Korean Alphabet), there is no easy "Sh" sound, no "V" sound (b and v are essentially the same) , and consonants cannot be together (the "vr"). I find this hilarious because the ad doesn't focus on selling cars.. only on how to pronounce Chevrolet!

A cat casually unloading stock goods from a Baskin Robbins

The sign above the mirror says "Women's Lounge"

Woman selling live chicks in sandwich bags to children. Read my rant here

This frozen treat is called a "Turtle Egg" It's chocolate icecream inside an awkwardly shaped balloon. To eat, you cut the nub off the top and suck out the icecream. I see kids eating it all the time and had to try it myself. Still weird.

Two drunk men passed out in the bushes at on a beautiful day at the Seoul City Cherry Blossom Festival. Get it together, guys!

In Seoul, Subways double as bomb shelters! Here we are with the emergency steel door

Another pig face in an underground market

Sorry, John, looks like your modeling career isn't going to take off like you planned

"Cow's bowels soup".. gross, and probably the correct translation

Dear toilet paper company: you spelled "PooPee" wrong

The airport hired breakdancing Santas on Christmas Eve for some "holiday entertainment"

Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae~ entire cafe is dedicated to Hello Kitty

Celebrating a new McDonalds in style

Spotted yesterday: short Korean man wearing sneakers with lifts!

 Socks that I buy. I especially love the obvious Nike ripoff on the right.

 Another ad on the subway for a face change

Koreans don't mess around when it comes to plastic surgery. Its as normal as buying new nail polish or eating a sandwich (ok, exaggerating a little). But why wouldn't you want to go from  | . |  to  ) . (  ?

 Got off the subway last weekend and walked into the middle of a full-on fashion show. Just another day in Korea.

 Another hilarious ad. The models? Famous k-pop group 2AM (read about them) Product? iced coffees Slogan? "Good bye milky boy". They take themselves way too seriously.

A Korean treat that NEEDS to come to Canada. It's called a "magic potato".. a spiraled potato on a  stick, deep fried, and covered in barbeque (or cheese, or spicy) powder. ₩1,000 (less than a dollar). New favorite snack.

In Korea, people will set up shop just about everywhere. Literally, buyers and sellers everywhere. This ajumma melts sugar on a burner and makes little candies. It's smart when you realize that she sets herself up outside of an elementary school right near the end of the school day. 

Would you like your dumplings with a side of steamed PIG FACE? barf

Koreans love their Spam. Here is a Chuseok Gift set you can buy for family and loved ones! 

This is an advertisement that hangs in the subway. What is it advertising? Food? Either way, it makes me laugh every time

Don't worry this scares me too: In every subway station there are several cabinets filled with gas masks

Close up of the instructions for gas masks in subway 

This makes it look both adorable and appetizing

At the bar