Monday, December 20, 2010

I really did it! (10km in under 1 hour): Hangang Marathon

We were supposed to be dressed as santa. Oops
I finally pushed my lazy butt over the finish line in under an hour. This is no major feat, I know. The friends I race with always finish sub 55mins, while I sputter in as the crowd thins towards the end of the run, race after race...after race.....after race.

I haven't really been training, nor eating better these last few weeks. So I would officially like to attribute this momentous occasion to Christmas Cheer!

I have 5 short days left before I go home for the holidays to see family, friends, and loved ones, and had been given a boost of motivation bbm-ing back to Canada on the subway ride over to the run. So much to look forward to! Must. Run. Fast!

The weather was lovely and I had a running buddy pushing me to keep going towards the end. The final time? 59:57. Ha!

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