Saturday, July 2, 2011

Monsoon Season Begins

Last week I mentioned that I had some visitors in town; I also noted that they came right before a big typhoon was forecasted to hit Seoul (it didn't, it stayed west of Korea). However, one thing that I failed to mention was that they also arrived the exact day that yellow dust season ended and monsoon season started!

What does this means? Days and days of endless rain. Non-stop. On top of normal weather forecasting, just assume that it will rain. Sometimes it was heavy rain, sometimes it was a light mist. Unfortunately it rarely stopped. In the last  two weeks we have had three days where it isn't raining. Cloudy is as good as it gets. This wet season ends in August.

Somehow I missed the memo about this wet season. I though it was going to be a hot, sunny summer like at home. I thought I would spend my last few weeks in Korea sunning myself along the Han river, going for casual drinks on patios, and general frolicking outside.

My visitors were troopers and still managed to get out and see much of Seoul, despite the rain. And me?

I've invested in a large umbrella!

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