Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween Party

On October 29 my school held its semi-annual "Market day" and halloween party. Each month, students are given "talking club dollars" depending on how well they do their homework, how many classes they take, etc. These kids have been saving their dollars now for almost 6 months. Some kids had managed to save up to 100 "talking club dollars",  usually getting between 6 to 12 dollars a month.

On this day each room transforms into an activity, marketplace, or game. It kind of reminds me of the carnival day we had at our high school!

This party had a games room run by Sarah and me, a face painting room, a Twister room (playing the hand/foot to color game), a candy market room, a cotton candy room, a marketplace room (buying pencils, toys, etc) and a magic show room.

The day was exhausting but a big success! Plus, seeing the kids in their halloween costumes was pretty hilarious considering they only bought them for this party!
Sarah and Laura setting up our game room- pin the tail/nose on the cat/witch

Sky, Sarah, Laura Teacher

Annica, Michelle, Jessica, Jessica's sister

Minds being blown by the halloween magician

Alice, Mary, Annie

Talking Club coworkers (and boss, white shirt back row)

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