Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'll be Hoooooome for Christmas!

I took a few weeks off from the blog for the holidays and subsequent week of catch-up when I arrived back in Korea. But I'm back and ready to update!

On Christmas eve I few back to Canada with a plane full of other Canadian English teachers looking to get home for Christmas. I was already excited enough to be going home; running into a friend on the train to the airport, meeting new friends in line at the check in desk, and drinking with them while waiting to board the airplane just took my whole airport experience to a new level of fun.
Korean Santas can breakdance!

Everyone was in the festive spirit. Someone even hired break dancers dressed as Santa to perform (see picture)

The flight passed relatively quickly in my economy aisle seat. My original plan was to smile nicely to the check-in person and coyly ask for an upgrade to first class. Though that plan was foiled when I met a couple standing in front of me, wearing matching Christmas reindeer antlers giving out candy canes in the sole interest of impressing the check in counter lady.

Double double
When we touched down in Toronto, what was the first thing a good Canadian could have done to say hello to this great country? Visit Tim Hortons!

Once I got my luggage I arrived outside to see...nobody. Not to let this dampen my Christmas spirit I hiked over to the payphone and attempted to call Ryan, who was supposed to pick me up. Pay phones cost $0.50 now!? I had no Canadian money, so I turned on my Korean cell phone and discovered what happened.

Simple miscommunication. They were waiting at the wrong gate! 30 seconds later Ryan, Jenn, and Karen came running up the hall with a big sign.

Yup. It felt good to be home!
Not that any of us can read Korean, but apparently it means "welcome home"

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  1. It sure was good to see you, even if it was for such a short time!