Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friends are Never far with Technology

Today I woke up today feeling a bit disconsolate after learning that a big group of my best friends were all together back in Canada (and the host didn't have skype). Not to be discouraged, I logged on to my computer and immediately got a call from Jack in Vancouver. I told him about the party and he facetimed (used his cellphone to video call) the group in Kingston. They (Ryan, Brendon, Erica, Jess, Becca), Jack, and I all chatted. Then they decided to fire up another computer and call Martha in Singapore. Then someone else in Kingston brought out another computer and they called up Nick and Lindsay in Toronto.

So this means we simultaneously connected South Korea, Singapore, Vancouver, Toronto, and Kingston. We had some laughs and shared a drink. (Whisky at 11am? Why not).

It was the best. I love my friends!!

Skyping Jack, while he facetimes Becca, Ryan, Erica, Brendon, and Jess,
while they skype Martha, Nick, and Linds. We were playing a drinking game at this point.

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