Monday, March 7, 2011

RecROK: Intramural Sports Leagues in Seoul

Since I arrived in Korea, I had been looking for a league to play volleyball in. It's one of the sports that is really enjoyable to play, as well as a fun team activity. I'm not exceptionally good at volleyball, nor have I ever been; however, I've played on and off since elementary school and refereed the intramural league at University. Unfortunately for the first 6 months I was told that there were no leagues to play in that anyone had ever hear of. Google searches also turned up little.

Which made it even more exciting when the organizer of the Ultimate league I play started up a sport and social club called RecROK. She started with a basketball league in the winter, and continued with a volleyball league in February.

I put together a team of friends and friends-of-friends, and now we are playing every Saturday afternoon!

Team name: Setsy Time (paying tribute to the Borat catch-phrase)
Rank: 4th out of 5th (we won our first game last week!!)
Team members: 10~14, depending on the week... without a doubt the largest team in the league.

What we may lack in skill and precision, we make up for in team spirit. Every week has been a blast, and it's a great opportunity to meet new people.

RecROK can be found on facebook and regularly updates their sporting and social events.

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