Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Last Day of Classes

On Wednesday I had my last full day of classes before my replacement arrived.

It was bittersweet. While I was definitely ready for the job to be finished, it was also quite sad. Many of the students and I had become close over the year.  Heck, I probably see them more than I see my friends! Some of the classes I had told it would be my last day, some I hadn't. I went with the approach "next week you get to meet a new teacher from Canada!". I put a new sign on the door welcoming the teacher, and told them that he is "Laura Teacher friend".. they loved it!

It was the end of the month class party, so I used the day to buy pizza, candy, and fruit for the kids. Some made cards for me, which was really sweet. The day was stressful, busy, happy, sad,  calm, and exciting- all jumbled up!

As my going away gift, I gave each student a class picture with the caption "Learn English and Have Fun! Laura Teacher, July 2011" hehehe

Bye, Talking Club! It's been a great year.

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