Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Korean Online Shopping: Gmarket

So in Korea, they have a wonderful website called gmarket (www.gmarket.co.kr). On this website, thousands of small businesses can list what they have for sale in a mass online marketplace.

My cousin Jan, who has lived here for the past few years, swears by it. He insists that it is the place to buy things like home furnishing, food, toilet paper, water, etc., while paying little or no difference in retail cost. Instead of ordering it online and having to wait a week to get it like in Canada, the order takes 1 or 2 days to arrive.

The only problem is that this site works best when in Korean (the English section is much more limited). Luckily this weekend I was with a native Korean speaker who agreed to help me out. It was finally time to order something i've always wanted, from the far corners of my heart!

So I ordered leg wax. (haha)

The order officially went in on Monday morning, and arrived at my place on Tuesday!

My little gmarket experiment worked. From now on i'm using it to buy everything. Any suggestions?

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