Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Temple Vegetarian Cooking class at O'ngo Food Communications

On Saturday I trotted off to a cooking class for vegetarians. I was very excited and a little nervous because a) I love to eat, but b) I can't cook. Like nadda. Toast, pasta, microwaves are where its at for me.

Watching the cooking demonstration from an expert

Grating some potato for the pancakes

Tada!! The finished product
Things we made (From left to right): Soybean Paste Stew in homemade vegetable stock. Potato Pancakes with Dipping Sauce. Shitake mushroom and Kelp Jorim. Nutritious Stone Pot Rice.

  1. Vegetable Stock
    • Water 3C
    • Kelp 2pieces dried (4inchx 4inch)
    • Shitake mushroom, dried 2each
    • turnip 60g(2oz)
    • Carrot 20g(.7oz)
    • Spicy green pepper 1 each
    • Spicy red pepper 1 each
        1. Clean the kelp with a damp towel
        2. put all the ingredients in a pot and bring to boil
        3. when it has a light brown color, take the kelp out. put aside for side dish.
        4. after 5 min take the mushrooms out. keep the mushrooms for side dish.
        5. strain the stock
  2. Soybean Paste Stew
    • Temple style stock (we just made it) 2C
    • Tofu 50g
    • Zucchini 30g
    • potato 1/2 each
    • enoki mushroom 20g
    • soybean paste 1/2tbsp
        1. Wash all ingredients and cut the vegetables and tofu into bite size pieces
        2. bring to boil the stock and put in potato first. After put in soybean paste and other ingredients
        3. cook your soup until vegetables are done
        4. put the enoki mushroom on top
  3. Shitake Mushroom and Kelp Jorim
    • Shitake mushroom and kelp (used for vegetable stock)
    • Sauce:
      • soy sauce 1 1/2tbsp
      • sugar 1tsp
      • sesame oil 1tsp
      • sesame seed, crushed 1tsp
        1. Slice shitake mushroom and kelp
        2. make sauce and set aside
        3. stir fry the mushrooms and kelp
        4. put the sauce in the pot and reduce until vegetables are well coated
  4. Potato Pancake
    • Potato 100g
    • Flour 1tbsp
    • sesame seeds 1/2tsp
    • pinch of salt
    • Dipping Sauce
      • soy sauce 1tbsp
      • vinegar 1/2 tbsp
      • pinch of chili powder
        1. Grate the potatoes into the bowl
        2. mix with flour and sesame seeds
        3. season with salt
        4. pan-fry with vegetable oil
        5. serve with dipping sauce
It was absolutely DELICIOUS, and I think I will try to make it again soon. You should try it, too. YUM!

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