Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 3rd- September 9th Week Update

Well, it's been a while since I last posted; nothing too eventful has happened over the past week. I confess this is a good thing, as it probably means I am finally settling into some sort of a schedule here.

So many wonderful things to buy
Last Saturday, September 4th, I took some time to clean my room the way it should have been cleaned when I first arrived. Saturday morning I went to a HomePlus store at Mullae Station (owned by british mega-company Tesco). It was lovely because there was a decent amount of english on the products being sold, and it felt like a Walmart. Floor 1 was clothing, floor 2 was childrens, floor 3 was groceries, and floor 4 was electronics. I left with a new toilet brush, sponges and gloves, mini vacuum, a tshirt, a block of cheese, and some yogurt. Spent the rest of the day bleaching everything in my room. It was marvelous. I also finally planted my basil seeds (which sprouted yesterday!!)

Sunday, September 5th I had my first day of ultimate frisbee! I am on Team Squid, and we got our butts kicked 15-3. That's O.K., because I met a ton of really nice people and got in a great workout. This upcoming weekend I am signed up for a tournament that runs both days... can't wait!
This is what I look like when I play

Monday morning I went on my merry way to school. I had to go in early to finish report cards, which were late because I procrastinated. The fact that I even had a the stress of writing report cards for my students makes me feel SO old. I'm not the one getting report cards anymore :(

Tuesday I acquired my first bike. Well, I don't actually have it YET. The guy who gave me the bike couldn't bring it all the way from the subway because he had to take a cab. So instead he locked it up at the subway station. I have a piece of paper with the name of the subway station, and the combination for the bike lock. I will mission out to get the bike tomorrow or the next day.

And the last piece of news is that I will finally be getting my first pay cheque tomorrow!!! I've avoided taking out money for the past week so I don't have to pay the transfer fee and exchange rate. This morning I ran out of money on my bus pass, and had to walk home from school in the rain. I also have about $2.50 in cash in my wallet. So this money can't come soon enough! I don't even have enough money to do my laundry! So I'm smelly and broke.

That's all for now, I'll write again after my ultimate tournament this weekend!

평화와 사랑
(peace and love)

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    I check for your updates everyday, i'm so glad to see this new post, your blog just blew my mind! keep up the good work!

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