Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cat Cafe!! =^.^=

Finally made it to Gio Cat Cafe in Hongdae! We went at 9pm on a Sunday night, so the place was pretty much empty by the time we arrived... and most of the cats were sleeping. Nonetheless it was awesome!

Cat Cafe's are a place where you can go to have a coffee, chat with friends, and play with dozens of cats! I read that it was started by a woman who ran a cat adoption agency and wanted people to be able to interact with the cats before adopting. They have become pretty popular here, and there are even dog cafe's now.

The drinks were sub par, but it's not like they were the focus of the visit. In the cafe they provide you with ground rules (no picking up the cats, no petting sleeping cats, no poking them too much, etc.) then you can order your drink, grab a cat toy, and let the fun begin!

Click below to see more pictures!

Making Friends
Cat with the tongue sticking out
The hunt is on
One of the more awake cats
Passed out cat on our table
Trying to lure a cat off the ceiling

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