Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lotus Lantern Festival

On Sunday we went to the traditional Korean neighbourhood/ Temple area of Insadong. They were having a massive festival for Buddha's birthday. Fortunately for us, there were oodles of free and interesting things to try at the street fair!
Mom gettin' her Hanbok on
First we got dressed up in traditional Korean robes and posed for some photos. Not only our photos, mind you. People were just coming up to us and posing with us for their own photos! It was pretty funny.

Next we kept walking past the "sit quietly and mediate for 3 minutes" tent and went to the origami tent to make some flowers. 

Further down the line they had Korean music, dance, and some sort of ceremony where women poured water on a statue of Buddha.

After that we got our hands "treated" with hot ash from an acupuncture tent , saw how to make paper lanterns, and visited the crowded Jogyesa Temple. 

It was a fantastic celebration and so much fun to be able to try all of the things that were offered. Thanks, Buddha!

Aunt Mary gettin' her Hanbok on
Photo-op Wearing traditional wedding dresses
Making origami flowers
Visiting Jogyesa Temple in Insadong

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