Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seoul Muscle Mania 2011: My first Korean body building competition

So I mentioned Cody, the head trainer at my gym in my post about studio-x fitness. Last weekend, Cody became the first foreigner to ever compete in a Korean bodybuilding competition (Click here for mor information about musclemania). There was no way I could miss out on seeing this!

Cody with his special competition tan
A huge group of people from the gym headed to the exhibition hall where it was being held. We were met with a room full of completely fake tanned men (and a few women) pumping last minute iron to inflate their muscles before they went on stage.

It was certainly a unique experience and I am glad I went. First they had the little guys go on stage, then the women, then the men got larger and larger. Cody was in the second largest weight class. When he went on everyone in the crowd went wild! Pretty hilarious. A row of competitors stand and show off each muscle group, probably doing about 30 different poses in all.

After they had a modelling and performance category.. One guy came out struggling to carry a small boat over his head (what?), while in the women's category, one of them carried a cross bow and proceeded to aim it at the audience several times (really?). I'll let the pictures tell you the rest.

In the end, Cody came in 2nd place!

Pictures from the muscle mania bodybuilding competition after the jump!

Crew from studio x coming to cheer
The competition begins!

Smallest weight class

Dude on the left was wearing lots of make up

Fitness model prancing around stage
Cody's Group

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