Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Market Day at Talking Club

We finally came around to our semi-annual market day celebration! Each month, students collect "talking club dollars" depending on their homework completion, class participation, and improvements. On market day, they finally have the opportunity to spend those hard earned dollars on candy, toys, stationary, face painting, and games. Most importantly, no class for the day!

Jennifer after winning Musical Chairs 
This market day is also set to reflect the national holiday that falls on the following day, Children's Day (March 5th). No class, no work, families do something special for their kids. One friend argues that it is very telling of Korean culture that they need to set aside one day each year to give these hard-working kids a break. One might argue that every day is Children's Day back in Canada!

My role for this market day was to run the large game of musical chairs for each age group of kids. Surprisingly, not many of them have played musical chairs before, so it amused the students for much longer than I though it would.

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Snack Room

Stationary Room

Buying up all the pizzas
Sky: Inquisitive

Lily and Diana: Mischievous

Alice: Charming

Chris: Goofy 

Sophia and Diana: Sassy 

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