Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Alien Registration Card: Health Check

Today I went in for the first step in getting my alien registration card.

This card is essential for me in two ways. With it, I can (1) open a bank account, and (2) get a cell phone. Both of these are becoming more and more important as the weeks wear on.
not actually my korean doctor

The first step is a health check-up. I originally thought it would be a simple check with a doctor, who would ask me some basic questions such as "do you do drugs" (no) "do you have avian flu" (no) etc.
Boy was I wrong!

This health check included chest x-ray, height/weight measurements, eyesight assessment, blood pressure, urine sample, blood sample, and interview with a doctor. They also asked me if I gave permission to share the results of the health test with my employer (I know for a fact that would not fly in Canada!!).

The results take a couple of days to complete, at which point I have to make a visit to the immigration office to fill out more forms for my card. Then, 4 days later- Voila! I can finally start living here!

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