Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Korean Meal

Today was my first full day in Korea. I went to school to shadow Melissa (the girl I am taking over for). We went out for lunch and I had my first taste of Korean Food!

The two vegetarian dishes we ordered were Bimbimbap (Pictured- a rice dish with spices, veggies, and an egg on top) and Mul Nangmyeon (a cold noodle soup)

They came in two huge bowls, with about 6 side dishes.. My total came to around $5. Not too shabby!

The teaching was very interesting to watch, and very overwhelming! 6 different classes taught in one day. Tomorrow I will be flying solo and teaching by myself for the first time. I'll post more on that later.

Today I am going to try to actually use korean words when communicating for once!

Annyong haseyo (안녕) -Hello
Kamsam nida (감사합니다) -Thank you 


  1. Anonymous8/05/2010

    OH MY GOD! this sounds soo awesome lauraaa!! keep posting yo!


  2. that dish looks FANTASTIC.. i want!!

    your korean is impressive... brie taught me that "naaaaaaaaay" is no and "anyo" is yes. i feel these tips will be of more use with you than me! (though i feel you know them already!)