Monday, August 16, 2010

My Weekend with the Hash House Harriers

Over the weekend I became acquainted with a social/running group known as the Hash House Harriers of Seoul.
On saturday morning I headed down to the meeting spot with two girl who were already experienced hashers. Being the "first timer" I had an initiation ritual when I arrived (along with two other newbies)
It's hard to describe, but, according to the website:
"The Hash House Harriers is an international social, non-competitive running club. Hashers frequently describe themselves as 'a drinking club with a running problem', and the social element of hashing is of equal importance to the running. The seriousness of the running and of the drinking varies with each club . The original idea was to mimic the Hare and Hounds or Fox and Hounds style chases that have been around for centuries in one form or another. Some "gentle-men" substituted men for the game in an effort to add something different to the sport. There is evidence of this in colonial America as well as in England. It seemed a logical development then, to substitute the hounds with runners as well."
So a group of about 25 of us began running on the unmarked course, following the trail of the two "hares" (fastest runners with a head start making chalk marks on the ground). Unfortunately we got caught in a rainstorm and had to cut the run short.
Afterwards we sat down for a meal of cheese and chips, cookies and cupcakes, and plenty of BEER.
It was a great day and I look forward to going again next week!

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