Friday, August 6, 2010

Teaching Day 2

Today I felt well rested, and with a better idea of how to prepare: show up earlier and rehearse the lessons more.

I also felt like it was time to immerse myself in the culture a little. It was a bright and sunny day, so, like any other true Korean, I grabbed my umbrella. Not gonna lie, it made a HUGE difference. In 33oC sun (before humidex) an umbrella can really make the difference between arriving at work drenched in sweat versus just normal sweaty. So I felt pretty good about that.

I also was able to have a conversation with Melissa about questions from the previous day: how to handle misbehaving kids, reward systems, games that work, and general filing and admin stuff. I felt much more prepared on that front.

When I arrived at work I immediately hunkered down to pre-listen to audio CD's, have games ready, and become familiar with what I was actually teaching.

It paid off. My second solo day of teaching was less stressful, used class time better, and was waaay less tiring. I am now officially called "Teacher! Teacher! wrawla Teacher!" Next lesson: pronouncing L's and R's.

After work I went straight out to a goodbye party I was invited to that involved more than 20 people in adult-sized animal onsies, excessive amounts of booze, and dance off between me and a korean man (guess who won). More on this later!

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