Friday, August 6, 2010

Teaching Day 1

Today was my first day of teaching by myself.

One day of training with Melissa seemed short- but she gave me enough information and prepared me. Armed with a folder of notes from Melissa, detailing the behaviour of students in certain classes, administrative notes, and classwork prepared for the next month, I put on my best "Laura Stanley Business Casual" (aka lulu lemons and a v-neck with black flats and makeup) and hopped on the bus bound for school.

Every class went well- the kids seemed to not be afraid of me (no crying) and were not too disobedient. Minus my last class of 14 year olds who were too-cool-for-school. They sucked. But I was warned about this. My impression after the day ended was that it would get better with time. I know I work well with children- especially smallish ones; the key is just figuring out how the classroom works well.

I was a little stressed by then end of the day. More than anything, though, I was HUNGRY. Lucky for me, there is a massive Costco not even 15 minutes from my apartment that accepts Canadian Costco cards! It was heaven. And expensive. But more importantly, delicious. Granola, cheese, green apples, bread, peanut butter, spinach tortellini, avocados, a nut wheel, and (most importantly) yogurt, were all lugged home in my arms. Sweet, sweet comfort food. My home away from home. I came back and stuffed my face. Then fell asleep. It was awesome.

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