Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Korea Day 1: Settling in

I am posting this late in the day and am quite tired so it may not be interesting/detailed. But I can tell you this: my first day was GREAT!!!!

Arrived in korea at 4:30am and was picked up by my principal and her son. I was settled in my apartment by 7:00am and unpacking. (pictures to come)

At 10:30, after calls to loved ones back at home, I met up with a friend who graciously decided to show me around. Successfully took the subway for the first time to meet up with her, and we went on our way. Grabbed a sandwich for lunch, walked through downtown, and into the shopping district. She gave me advice and tips on how to behave properly, things to look out for, and how to not offend anyone.

  • when giving money to anyone, cover your elbow with your other hand
  • when accepting or giving something to a superior, use both hands
  • bow to everyone except your students
She also assured me that I have many adventure and sports opportunities awaiting me! I think I will join an ultimate team, and a soccer team. I will also try to buy a bike, run along the river, and participate in a running/drinking event called 'hashing'. Look for more on this later.

At around 4pm I went back to the apartment, exhausted from jet lag and heat. I napped until about 7:30pm, and then went back to meet up with friends at a CANADIAN pub. what a great way to spend an evening! Though two korean men gave me a shot of tabasco and tequila (prairie fire?), which was disgusting.

So I finish off my first day in Korea optimistic and looking forward to the upcoming year!!!!!

Tomorrow is my first day of teaching... we'll see if my stance is the same after that 

Here is where I live. The station is 1minute from Yangpyeong Station (along the purple #5 line). Due to my lack of photo editing software, it is shown on this map with a fuzzy dot. But that is where I live!!

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