Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Event Attended: Biathlon

Many things happening. Much less blogging. My bad.

Friday were the opening ceremonies.

Saturday I went and met up with an old skating friend, and then went to the biathlon. It was VERY cool. When we got there, a station was set up to let you try the sit-ski's and the laser rifles. So we got in line- behind all the children and patiently waited our turn.

The laser rifle was interesting. The participant puts on headphones, and when the rifle aims at the bullseye, the whiny pitch gets higher. My first three shots were misses, but I got the hang of it by the last two. I think I may have taken away from the experience by looking as I shot.

In the standing event, there was one notable athlete. he had NO arms. To shoot his rifle he propped it up with his shoulder and had a device added to his rifle that let him shoot using his teeth!

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