Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vancouver Day 4

I decided to head in the other direction than yesterday. I know I only posted a photo, but vancouver Day 3 was a big adventure in North Vancouver, with me heading to see both the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, and the Capilano Suspension Bridge (Pictured below). It was a great day.

Today would be an adventure to the South, plus a little stop off at Stanley Park.

To begin, I had coffee with a Queen's friend, who suggested that I rent a bike, rather than walk through Stanley Park. Great idea. She took me to a cheap bike rental place and I was off! Stanley park was pretty cool; I have a thing with going fast on bikes, so I kind of motored through. (Pictured: Me with the Lions Gate Bridge)

After that I managed to get on city busses that went in the general direction I wanted to be in. I walked over to Kitsalano Beach, where I ate my sandwich and watched an old guy with a big belly squeeze into a wetsuit and go for a swim.

Finished my afternoon walking along 4th Ave looking in some of the shops.

Then I got lost, wandered through a parking lot and under a bridge, eventually finding my way back on to a bus.


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