Friday, March 5, 2010

Friends are Never Far Away

A lovely thing happened last night, which kind of confirms my suspicions that when someone disappears from the real world, chances are, they are in Whistler, BC.

During training I met some girls- together we had lunch (at Earls : thumbs down for no veggie options) and decided that we would meet up for drinks later that night. Come 8:30pm, one of the girls and I were walking through the village looking for a good bar and ran into one of my old ultimate teammates! After introductions, and finding out that he was flying home the next morning, he told us that he was actually on his way over to see another player from my ultimate team. Together we all went out to an Irish pub and ended up having a great night chatting,  drinking, and catching up.

In the almost 48 hours since I have arrived in Whistler, I have had so many unexpected run ins with old friends:
-Queen's friend #1 (Walking through the village)
-Camp friend #1(Bus stop on the way to volunteer training)
-High School friend #1(Vancouver airport)
-Queen's friend #2 (Creekside)
-High School friend #2 (Starbucks)
-Toronto friend #1 (Walking through the village)

Not to mention how many mutual friends I have in common with people I have just met. It's a small world after all!

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