Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Games are Coming...

This afternoon all of the volunteers were invited to go the the Welcome Ceremony for Team Canada. Its a fairly small ceremony in the athlete's village that includes a flag raising, short speeches, the exchange of country gifts, photo ops with Sumi, and a big dance party in the end!

For most of the welcome ceremonies, like from photos I posted below, there has been a small group of volunteers there to cheer on the athletes of various countries. They usually have the ceremony for 2 or 3 countries at a time. But today it was all for Team Canada and the crowd was huge!

The cheers carried over the barriers, and the dancing continued after the ceremony was over. Everyone there was celebrating our Canadian Paralympic Athletes, and having a great time to boot! It definitely started the tingling in my stomach, the same feeling I got when I watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. There is new spirit in the air, and it is definitely building.

Go Canada Go!!!

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